Studio Rentals

Lin She Art and Cultural Exhibition Space: It can accommodate about 60 people. Individual & Small Group Rental: Large classrooms can accommodate about 5-6 people, small classrooms can be used for one-on-one teaching, or any PR brand event.

Features of the exhibition space:

  • Capacity: The performance space offers a spacious environment with a capacity of about 60 people, suitable for a variety of large-scale arts events and musical performances.

Individual & Small Group Rentals:

  • Large Classroom: Suitable for small groups, it can accommodate 5-6 people, and is an ideal venue for small workshops or small group teaching.

  • Small Classroom: For one-on-one instruction, providing a private and focused learning environment.

PR Branding Campaigns:

  • Multi-functional use: The exhibition space can be adapted to different types of PR brand activities, such as product launches, branding, etc., providing flexible event space.

  • Professional support: We can provide the support you need, including technical equipment, lighting, sound, and more, to ensure that your brand event runs smoothly.

Whether it’s a music performance, a small educational event, or a PR branding event, our venues and facilities can meet your needs and provide an ideal venue for your event.


To better meet your needs, here are the rental information for large and small classrooms:

Large Classroom:

  • NO.1: 350 yuan/hour, can accommodate 5-6 people. Equipped with air-conditioning, simple projection, movable chairs and music stands, it provides a spacious learning and working environment.

Small Classroom:

  • NO.2: 300 yuan/hour, can accommodate 4-5 people. It is also equipped with air conditioning, simple projection, movable chairs and music stands, making it suitable for small group teaching or discussion.

  • NO.3: 250 yuan/hour, can accommodate 3-4 people. It has a comfortable learning atmosphere, and is also equipped with air conditioning, simple projection, movable chairs and music stands.

General Equipment :

  • Shared equipment includes: air conditioning, easy projection, movable chairs and music stand to ensure your rental experience is more convenient and comfortable.

These rental options cater to individuals or small groups of different sizes and needs. If you have special needs for any of the classrooms or would like to know more about the rental program, please feel free to let us know.

Art Space

To provide a more comprehensive understanding, here are the detailed specifications and equipment information for the performance space:

Space description:

  • Width: 10.5 m
  • Depth: 6.15 m
  • Ceiling height: 3 m
  • Area: 64.5 square meters / about 19.5 tsubo

Capacity: Approximately 60 people.

Space features:

  • Flooring: Grey flooring that provides modernity and overall harmony.
  • Windows: Floor-to-ceiling glass windows ensure plenty of natural light.
  • Walls: Whitewashed walls create a bright, fresh atmosphere.


  • Basic equipment: air conditioning, audio, projection to ensure a comfortable event and meet a variety of needs.
  • Tables and chairs: Movable tables and chairs can be flexibly placed according to needs and adapt to different forms of activities.
  • Microphone: Provides a microphone for speech, performance, and other activities that require voice.
  • Music stand: Easy for musicians to use while playing.


  • Musical Instrument Rental: Musical instrument rental service is available for events such as music performances or workshops.

With its modern feel and superior facilities, this performance space is the ideal venue for a variety of arts and cultural events.


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