Our Services

Each year, LS is committed to providing students with the highest quality music education services, including:

  1. Professional Teacher Guidance: We invite the best musicians and professionals in Taiwan to provide students with superb guidance to help them continuously improve their musical skills.

  2. Music Performance Opportunities: Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of musical performances, thereby showcasing their talents and improving their performance skills in practice.

  3. Cross-border activities: We organise different forms of cross-border activities, covering sound, video, dance and other fields, to enrich students’ artistic experience.

  4. Multi-Musical Instrument Courses: Provide course training for Chinese and Western musical instruments such as huqin, dizi, pipa, guzheng, etc., to meet the interests and needs of different students in music.

  5. Musical Instrument Repair Services: In a professional manner, we provide professional production, import, export and repair services for musical instruments to ensure the quality and condition of musical instruments.

  6. Art and Cultural Performance Space Rental: Our performance space hosts various types of performances, concerts, lectures and other art and cultural activities from time to time, and can be rented by individuals and small groups.

  7. Music Store: Offering a wide range of musical instruments and peripheral accessories, live concert publications, audiobooks, sheet music, books, and more, as well as exclusive merchandise.

  8. Student Presentations: Regular student presentations give students the opportunity to showcase their achievements while developing confidence and expressiveness on stage.

We are committed to providing students with a comprehensive, high-quality music education and cultural arts experience that allows them to thrive in the world of music.


We have a professional maintenance team dedicated to providing you with a full range of musical instrument repair services. No matter what instrument problem you are facing, we are here to help, including but not limited to:

  1. Instrument Breakdown: For all kinds of failures of musical instruments, our repair team has rich experience and is able to repair them quickly and accurately.

  2. Musical Instrument Maintenance: Provide regular maintenance services for musical instruments to ensure that they are in good condition and extend their service life.

  3. Instrument Tuning: We are proficient in the tuning of musical instruments, ensuring the purity of the timbre and the accuracy of the pitch.

  4. Instrument Retrofits: If you have special needs or want to upgrade your instrument, we can provide you with professional advice and services.

  5. Instrument Cleaning: Regular cleaning has a significant impact on the maintenance and performance of your instrument, and we can help you with a deep cleaning of your instrument.

Our goal is to ensure that your instrument is always in the best condition for your musical needs.

Studio Rentals

We offer a variety of venue rental options to suit the needs of different types of events:

  1. Art and Cultural Exhibition Space:

    • Capacity: about 60 people.
    • Space features: Spacious performance space, gray floor, glass floor-to-ceiling windows, good lighting.
    • Applicable activities: concerts, performances, lectures and other art and cultural activities.
  2. Large Classroom Rental:

    • Capacity: 5-6 people.
    • Applicable activities: Mini-workshops, course training, etc.
  3. Small Classroom Rental:

    • Suitable for: One-on-one individuals or small groups.
    • Applicable activities: private tuition, individual tutoring, etc.
  4. PR Branding Campaigns:

    • Activity format: Various activities customized according to the needs of the brand, such as brand launches, promotional activities, etc.

Rental Equipment :

  • Air conditioning, stereo, projection, tables and chairs, microphones, music stands.
  • Musical instrument rental service for music performances or workshops.

Note: Limited time rates are available, please ask for details.

If you have other special needs or customized activities, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the most suitable venue and services.