Export certificate

We provide export certificate processing to ensure that your musical instrument can be imported and exported legally and smoothly. Our services cover the following areas:

  1. Washington Convention-Compliant Snakeskins: We ensure that the snakeskins used in your musical instruments comply with international standards and comply with the relevant provisions of the Washington Convention.

  2. Import and export license application: We assist with import and export licenses to ensure that your musical instrument legally passes through customs inspection and can enter and exit countries freely.

  3. CITES compliance: In accordance with the requirements of the Washington Convention (CITES), we ensure that your musical instrument exports comply with the appropriate regulatory standards.

Our goal is to ensure the smooth circulation of your instrument on the international market, while complying with the relevant regulations and ensuring the legality and sustainability of your instrument.


We understand Taiwan’s support for international agreements, particularly legislation to stop trafficking in endangered species. The following is our CITES Compliance Statement:

  1. Taiwan support: We are aware of the Taiwanese government’s commitment to the conservation of endangered species, and we are committed to complying with local regulations and supporting international environmental agreements.

  2. CITES Legislative Compliance: We have complied with local and international regulations in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Washington Convention (CITES) to ensure that the sourcing of our musical instruments and products meets legal and sustainable requirements.

  3. Legal import and export procedures: We will ensure that the import and export procedures of all musical instruments are carried out legally, obtaining the appropriate licenses to ensure their smooth circulation in the international market.

We take pride in the production and communication of musical instruments, while respecting and supporting international environmental regulations and are committed to the sustainable development of the musical instrument industry.