We hold various types of art and cultural activities from time to time to provide you with a rich music and cultural experience. Here are some of our upcoming or ongoing events:

  1. Concerts & Performances: Enjoy musical performances from around the world and experience the fusion of different styles and cultures.

  2. Lectures & Workshops: Professional musicians and artists are invited to give lectures and music workshops are held to give participants an in-depth understanding of the art and techniques of music.

  3. Student Presentations: We regularly host student presentations to give them the opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned and provide them with stage experience.

  4. Art and Cultural Exhibition: Showcasing the works of local and international artists, promoting cross-border exchanges between art and music.

  5. Special Events: Various types of special events, such as music festivals, musical instrument displays, etc., will be held from time to time to bring you new surprises.

Keep an eye on our latest news to stay up to date with upcoming events and events. We look forward to your participation and enjoy the beauty of music together!

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