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Welcome to our music hall with 41 years of professional experience in musical instrument making and import and export. We offer a wide range of training courses, covering Chinese and Western musical instruments such as huqin, dizi, pipa, guzheng, guqin, piano, violin, flute, etc., giving you the opportunity to learn and master different musical styles in depth.

We have 41 years of professional service with experienced instrument makers and restorationists. Whether it’s instrument making or restoration, we put our dedication to the highest standards and passion to ensure that every instrument is of the highest musical quality.

Music is not just about learning, it’s about the art of acting. We are honored to have a professional orchestra that enriches every occasion with beautiful music. At the same time, we also nurture young musical talents, and through the music collection of the cottage culture, the student orchestra can thrive in the world of music.

If you need to host an event, we offer beautiful and tranquil venues for rent, with a variety of space to suit all kinds of events. You are welcome to come and experience the charm of music together!

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You’ll find a wide range of instruments and accessories, live concert publications, audiobooks, sheet music, books, strings and more. And lots of exclusive merchandise!

Our Classes

Chinese and Western musical instruments such as huqin, flute, pipa, guzheng, guqin, piano, violin, flute and so on.Learn your favorite musical instrument with a professional teacher, or enjoy our energetic group lessons!


Professional repair team to help you solve any musical instrument problems! Whether you want to repair the instrument or regularly organize or maintain your instrument, it’s okay.

Studio Rentals

Lin’s Culture Art Exhibition Space: About 60 people. Individual and small group rental: large classroom can accommodate about 5-6 people, small classroom can be one-on-one; or hold any PR brand event.

Why Have One-To-One Lessons?

One-to-one individual lessons are tailor-made learning solutions for each learner. This mode of instruction maximizes your learning progress and ensures that you can reach your individual learning goals quickly and effectively.

Through one-on-one teaching, teachers are able to pay more attention to the individual needs and progress of students. Each lesson is tailored to the student’s individual issues, and a course schedule is developed throughout the semester to ensure that learners receive the most appropriate guidance and support at every stage.

Not only does this model provide a deeper learning experience, but it also better caters to the learning style and pace of your students, allowing you to focus more on what you expect from yourself.

Musical instruments and course discounts

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner and want to buy an instrument, please join our official LINE today for the latest information.

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Don't know what instrument to learn?

Every month we hold a different workshop to give you the opportunity to get to know a variety of different instruments!

Whether it’s the flute for wind music, the erhu for string playing, or the pipa and guzheng for plucked music, our workshops will bring you up close and personal with these instruments. Through hands-on experience, you will not only see the shapes of the various instruments, but also feel their unique sounds. This will give you a clearer understanding and make it easier for you to find an instrument that you like and want to learn.

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What Students Are Saying

Student results are published!

In the journey of learning, the students’ milestones will shine through in stage performances. Twice a year, we hold student presentations, which are not only a showcase of learning outcomes, but also a way to hone students’ musical talents.

Students are encouraged to participate in these stage performances and give them the opportunity to shine in public. However, for students who prefer to take classes at their own pace, don’t worry! Presentations, music exams, competitions and other activities are all freely available for participation, and we respect each student’s learning style and interests.

Latest Events

The Lodge Arts & Performance Space regularly presents a variety of exciting arts and cultural activities, including performances, concerts, lectures and more. We are committed to creating a cultural feast for our audiences, immersing you in a rich world of music, performance and knowledge.

Whether you’re interested in music, performing arts, or lectures, our events cater to your diverse cultural needs. The Art & Culture Space is a place where talents come together, attracting artists and experts from different fields to present a unique and memorable artistic experience to the audience.

In order not to miss a great event, stay tuned for the latest news. Your participation is the driving force for our continuous improvement, and we look forward to spending this time with you in this artistic atmosphere.