Our Instructors

Each year, with the philosophy of providing a high-level learning experience, we invite Taiwan’s best talents and musicians to mentor our students. The aim of this initiative is to enrich the learning experience of students and give them direct access to the top professionals in the current music field.

Here are some of the key implications of this move:

  1. Depth of expertise: By interacting with the best minds from the field, students are able to gain an in-depth understanding of the latest developments and in-depth knowledge in the field.

  2. Opportunities for practical skills: Students have the opportunity to apply and practice what they have learned under practical guidance, which helps to translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

  3. Establishment of professional connections: Networking with professionals in the field helps to build a network of professional contacts among students, which may lead to future collaborations and opportunities.

  4. Stimulate interest in learning: Talented people from within the industry are often able to spark students’ passion and interest in music, making them more engaged in learning.

  5. Enhance the learning experience: Students are able to have a richer and more practical learning experience through hands-on engagement and networking with industry professionals.

Overall, this initiative helps to integrate learning with practical application, providing students with more comprehensive and in-depth learning opportunities.

Lin Hsiao-Ting


Give the people a great gift

Erhu / Zhonghu / Gao hu

Lin Hsiao-Feng

Flute/Yu/Bayu/Hulu silk (traditional/impromptu)

Chen Shuman

Yu/Zhong-Zhong/Liu Yeqin

Li Shiyang

Piano (traditional/modern/improvisation/jazz)

Zhuang Chengying

Voice tenor

Su Fangyi


He Zuxuan


Huang Kaiming

Erhu / Panhu / Zhonghu

Xu Teng-yun


Liu Weihua

Yu (Minister of Sound of the Qinyuan National Orchestra)

Lin Zhengxin

Erhu/Gao Hu

Lin Guzhen

Flute/ snr

Pan Jing


Tang Hou-Ming


Cao Yuji


Chen Huiyu




Qiu Wanyi


Lin Yusheng


Jane Ruji

Tao Di/Flute

Chen Jianyu


Xie Tzuzhen



Zhong Yu

Students Shout Out

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